Simple Sites For Real Businesses

Get a website for $149 $99.

Build a simple website on, with a custom domain, for less than $150.

Having a website doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars. If your business is straight-forward your website can be too.

Example Sites

Start with a simple site for a fixed amount. Uncomplicated Personal and Business package websites: simple to maintain and no hidden costs. Then, once it’s started, add more to it as and when you want.

You don’t have spend a lot of money to get a professional website.

FYI, this website is built on a Business Package

Ready to start building something together?

Restaurants & Cafes
Simple site for food service business. A small restaurant is shown.

Share your menu, location and when you’re open. What more do your diners need?

Trades & Services
Simple site for trade service business. Tools are shown.

Explain the services you offer, when you work and how someone can get in touch.

Shops & Stores
Simple site for small store. Clothes on a display rack are shown.

Show people what you sell, when they can come and buy it, and where you’ll deliver to.

Types of Business

Anyone can have a simple site, but here are some of the businesses we think a simple website would work best for:

  • Laundromats
  • Personal trainers
  • Auto repair shops
  • Pet Sitters & Groomers
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