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You have a great business, and you want the world to know about it. But you don’t have $1,000, or even $500, to build a website. Guess what. You can now build a great website on for as little as $99. Our sites are simple to maintain and have no hidden costs. Plus, you can start small and add to your site as and when you want. Having a website doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars. If your business is straightforward, your website can be too.

Example Sites

Here are a few sites that will give you a good feel for what you can expect.

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Please navigate the sites to see the framework that will make up your website.

Here’s what we will need from you: photos; your menu for a restaurant or cafe; information about your business, for trades, services, shops and stores; hours of operation.

Note that the WordPress banner will go away if you upgrade to our $149 offering.

Restaurants & Cafes

Share your menu, your address and your hours of operation. 


Explain the services you offer, when you work and how someone can get in touch.


Show people what you sell, when they can come and buy it, and where you’ll deliver to.

Types of Business

Here are some of the businesses we think a simple website would work best for:

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