Example Sites

We have created three simple examples of simple, $99, websites. These sites could all be expanded at a later date, but provide the basic information you need to share with your customers.

Click the buttons below and you’ll be taken to an example site that could be yours!


Do you run a family restaurant? Or maybe a take-out? Would you like to take more bookings, handle orders, online, or let people know your opening hours?

If so, this is an example of how a simple website could look for your food business.


Are you a plumber, electrician, carpenter, or any other sort of tradesperson?

If you are this site shows how you can create a simple website to share your work. All you need are some photos of previous projects.


Do you run a local store, or another type of brick and mortar business where customers come to you?

This example site shows how you can explain what you sell and where you’re located.

Let’s build something together.

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