Option 2 – $149 Website

$199 $149 includes a Domain Name.

Same website as the $99 option built on the “Personal” WordPress.com plan

You can update the $149 website yourself. Of course we can also do more for you.

A simple idea

A simple $149 website based on the WordPress.com “Personal” package. This package costs an additional $48 a year (or $4 per month) that is paid directly to WordPress.com.

We’ll add up to three (3) pages with content you provide of copied from your social media. There will be a way for customers to get in touch with you.

Why do you need a site?

If you’ve got this far without a website, you might be thinking “why now?”. Having a website let’s you:

  • Give a website address to your customers. They don’t need to be using Facebook, or any other social media to find you
  • List your products services clearly so your customers can see what you do
  • Let your customers call ahead and place an order, book an appointment or ask you a question over email and/or text

What we need from You

To build your website we will need some information about your business to help create the site. The more you give us the better, but here are the basics:

  • Your contact information
  • Your location
  • Details of your services
  • Any photos you have of your work or business
  • Links to any social media platforms you have
  • A domain name for your website

What you get from Café

What do you get for your money:

  • Site on WordPress.com Personal Plan
  • A homepage and up to two additional pages with your content
    • Can include a contact form, so your customers can email you through the website
  • Configuring a Custom domain as your default web address
  • Add pages and content yourself for free
  • Upgrade/update the website yourself for free
  • Configure all the extras in Personal package yourself for free

What you get from WordPress

What do you get for your money:

Additional costs

This package comes with additional yearly costs:

  • Yearly WordPress.com Personal package fee, currently $48
  • Yearly Domain Registrar fee, varies but usually less than $20

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